The Break Out EP


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Black Clover
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Black Clover Post apocalyptic and AWESOME!!!! I've seen them live and I've worked with them and I can say they are the fallowing: professional (but they aren't Suites) , an animated and fun presence on and off stage and i cant even explain to you just how WICKED AWESOME they are till you rock out with them so listen up.


released February 21, 2011

AHTCK is - Tim (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar) Darren (Lead Guitar) Larry Katz (Drums) Lloyd Hart (Bass)



all rights reserved


AHTCK Los Angeles, California

AHTCK is just your friendly post-apocarock neighborhood band who just so happens to be slowly taking over the world... Get ready - The AHTCK has begun!

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Track Name: The AHTCK Has Begun
I'm nothing more than a false prophet
That shouldn't stop you from loving me
You can hold me up but don't tear me down
Nobody gets to ride for free
I'm just a man all dressed in black
Follow your dreams and you will find me
The American Dream is closer than you think
Bring it to me an I will set you free

<Bring the city to the sword, show them this act of war
Victory goes to one - come with me
This is our last chance
We can take the city back
Let's all have a little fun (here we go!)
The AHTCK has begun>

I'm nothing more than a false prophet
That shouldn't stop you from loving me
A man in black roaming all of the land
Just promise me this and you will be free
Your life for me is all I ask for
The circle is almost complete
Open your mind and repeat after me;

Track Name: Redemption
Come with me on this little dream
and I promise that you'll be okay
I saw the face of an angry God
and he told me the world ends today

Now trust in me I'll be your best friend
and you can leave all of your worries behind
I show you a side of God you've never seen
in a world that isn't so divine

(The Tower falls on judgement day)

<I can offer you redemption
part of the exemption
the price of your salvation
your life for me

This is part of Armageddon
part of the inception
The world cries for redemption
This world's moved on>

When one world ends, my friend, another begins
but you know this one goes without a scream
just a whimper; a slight cry out
before the terror of a bloody dream

I'm sorry that we had to go this way
& it's a road I have never seen.
I promise you this; our God is fucking pissed
and there is no way to be redeemed

(The Tower falls on judgement day)


[Like a bullet out of a fucking gun and into the heart of the American people; this world has been silenced and thrown into the atomic age. The static on your television is the eye of God and the ash of the future. The president of us is dead, your government is dead and your world is dead. But I - I can offer you redemption. Bring your dreams to me and I will set you free. This American Dream that we all strive for in this world is a reality; bring it to me and I will set you free. I can offer you redemption.]
Track Name: Built for Tyranny
Feed another one to the war machine
My hands are now unclean

Build your empire from dirt
symbolize the empire's rebirth
kill the children as they sing

<This place was built for Tyranny
Blood was the cost an nothing is free>

Feed one more to the war machine
Build a new home for you and me

But your empire is now dirt
There will be no empire's rebirth

They told me life was just a dream

Track Name: Sunset Massacre
So many of you want to do your own thing
Nobody wants to go inbetween
Everybody wants to be a rock queen
Nobody wants to pay for the dream

I promise you it is not so easy
for these people just to have it for free
Everybody has to reach for that dream
and give back something if you know what I mean

<& The Sunset massacre went into the night
and no one noticed because it was not their fight
everyone around watched music die that night
and we're all to blame for the Sunset Massacre... that's right!>

All we have left is a promise of false dreams
all we have left is a million screams
what can we do about all the wrong things
this fallen angel has lost it's wings

When will music come back and stop the madness
When will music come back and stop the hate
No one is safe we're a dying species
too late for us within the walls of LA


[that's right!}

.... and the Sunset massacre went into the night
and we're all to blame, and we're all to blame

Track Name: Break Out
It's a two man cell with four inside
no one here gets out alive
I ask our guard one question
"Can I offer you redemption?"
He takes a look at me
says "you can set me free?"
"Brother just open this gate and I will change your fate."

Give me the keys

<and we will Break out
of this prison you call home
Break out
you'll never be alone
Break out
we are all damned
Break out
take my hand>

Our four man group has become five
and we all step outside
I see the prison gates
out of which we will break
we offer you redemption
a chance at pure salvation
give us one chance today
and we will change your fate

It's the Tower we seek.

[Break Out]

The turtle of enormous girth, upon his shell he holds the earth
but we will burn the fucker down into mother fucking ground
and then on judgement day, we will have a holiday
your precious tower falls and we will break out
Track Name: Fuck You (Cee-Lo Green cover)
All lyrics are Copyright Cee Lo Green and all the other dudes who wrote the song!
It was a normal day just like any other day
we were lookin' for a mother fuckin' party
so we decided to have a BBQ
so we could throw back a cold one or two
next thing you know - what the fuck is over there?
there's something going right there through the air
over there on top of the mountain top
zombies comin' and you know they don't stop!

[because they're comin'
they're comin'
they're comin'
they're comin' for your mom, your dog, your bike
and they come in the night for your daddy and your sister and your bother and...
When they come what do we say?]
<HOLY SHIT (What!?)
Zombies - woah
That's not your grandma anymore
And the zombies - they come in the night>

It was a normal day just like any other day
but now Lloyd has mother fuckin' AK
and Cody and Darren went to go get a car
so we could go get away real far
Larry is the man with the fucking intuition
to acquire all the mother fucking ammunition
now all I gotta do is make a plan (right!)
this shit goes down tonight